Fully functional e-commerce application written in Python. It uses Django framework and it stores data in a Postgress database.


This is a Phone book application written in Python and Tkinter. The information is saved into an external file called output.txt. It works with Python 3.X!

Text Editor

Simple Text Editor application written in Python with a GUI made with Tkinter. It can open, edit, and save text files. It works with Python 2.X!


Simple Calculator app written in Python and Tkinter! It does basic mathematical operations and it is the first complete application I have written in Python.

ToDo List App

Simple ToDo List app written in Python and Tkinter! It does the following operations: Add Task, Delete All, Delete, Sort A-Z, Sort Z-A, Choose Random, Number of tasks, and Exit.



eMath automatically generates math exercices (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). It is built with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript.


Data Visualization project that generates animated and interactive graphs. The graphs are generated by JavaScript with MongoDB and Flask in back-end.



This is my personal resume single page website. It is mostly Bootstrap and it is my first project built at Code Institute bootcamp.


This is my personal portfolio single page website. Its main purpose is to provide a link to all of my web development projects I have built.


Wordpress Blog

This is my personal Wordpress powered blog. I use it to write everything I learn and refer to it whenever I need. It uses a child theme and it is customized to look as clean as possible.